Heather Binns is an avid traveler and has had the great pleasure of photographing five continents over the years, Heather has developed an eye for capturing exquisite details, fleeting moments, and beauty in all its forms.

Through her travels—most recently to Morocco with Prints for Prints  and Ethiopia with Habitat for Humanity —her photography has evolved into a means by which to translate the divide between her viewer and the cultures in which she has immersed herself. 

Heather seeks the beauty of the human spirit and captures that universal element with her camera. By melding her creativity, wanderlust, and deep desire to help others, Heather has discovered new terrain, both creatively and literally.

All images available for purchase. Please contact hbinns@gmail.com for information.


Selected Exhibitions

Pro Photo Supply - Portland, Oregon

PDX Squared Gallery Show - August 2015


Lightbox Gallery - Astoria, Oregon

PDX 30 (April 2016)

PDX 40 (April 2015)

PDX Photo Month Exhibit (April 2014)

PDX Photo Month Exhibit (April 2013)


Newspace Center for Photography - Portland, Oregon

Member's Showcase - October 2013, 2014, 2015


Midtown Gallery - Kalamazoo, MI

Captured:  The Photographic Image (January 2013)


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Portland, Oregon